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"Highly recommend. They removed a large water oak that had become unsightly and hazardous. Responded immediately and completed the job fast."
- Robin Fitzer

"The Signature Tree Trimming folks did an amazing job in removing one of the largest trees on my lot. Not only that but they came back and ensured the stump was removed as well. The tree was almost 2 stories tall and spanned 3 separate lots. I would recommend Signature for any future Tree / Stump jobs. Fun fact, they came out and did the work on a Sunday which shows their dedication to their craft."
- Francis Fiskey

"Toby and his crew did an awesome job removing our 3 trees and cleaning up. We would definitely highly recommend and use his services again."
- Loretta Lovering

"Toby came out to do an estimate to take out a dead oak tree that was a danger to my kids and home. Within an hour his crew where here and removing the tree. I was beyond impressed with there work!"
- Crystal Bisson

"I had a tree fall and hit my house. Toby picked up on the first call and came right over to inspect. He cleared the branches off the A/C that day so it could be repaired. The very next day he removed the entire tree. Very professional and great response."
- Brian Pinter

"They did a great job removing almost a dozen trees from my property. They responded on the first call and came out the same day to assess the job and give me a quote. They came back the very next day to complete the job. Very professional and high recommendations from me. "
- Thy Lam

"I would highly recommend Signature Tree & Home Service for any tree trimming or removal(s) you need. They did an outstanding job on trimming and removing trees from my property in Tampa. It was a big job, they completed the job in 48 hours. The team was very professional, competent and thorough. The company is licensed and insured, which is a must for me. AND I was extremely pleased that they cleaned up behind themselves and did not leave me with any messes to take care of!!"
- Cathye Cooper

"We had a large oak tree branch fall on our roof, and Toby and his team were on time, efficient, and attentive during the entire process of the removal. Would highly recommend them for anyone needing any sort of tree service in the Tampa Bay area. Super professional."
- Shawn Ferris

"Toby and his crew did an amazing job trimming the trees in my backyard and removing two very large trees that were too close to my house. I will be using them again for sure! Awesome service for an affordable price."
- Yadenis Ruiz

"If you are looking for a hard working professional, that is dedicated in achieving your full satisfaction, then look no further. Toby and his crew did a great job trimming two oak trees, removed two others, and pushed back the overgrown conservation area behind my house. I highly recommend Toby and his crew to anyone who needs tree trimming or removal. If I could give him a 6 star rating, I would!"
- Marcelo Garcia

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Cutting Down Trees Requires Skill and Training

At first you might think little about cutting down that old Oak tree in the back yard. It’s decomposing, looks like it has terminates, and that limb hanging over the garage has always made you a little nervous. But when it comes time to take the tree down, you’re second guessing the whole process. This is good and any time you're going to remove a tree you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I have the right tools?
  • How do I make sure the tree falls the right way without causing unwanted damage?
  • If the tree is diseased does it make a difference?
  • What do I do with the tree once it's cut down?
  • Does my neighborhood/HOA have rules against removals?

If you cannot confidently answer all these questions call us today and let the professionals at Signature Tree and Home remove that tree safely. When it comes to cutting down trees, it’s never as easy as it looks. It’s an extremely dangerous process, and one that requires the right training, skills, and tools to do it safely and effectively.

What Does Tree Removal Include?

Depending on your needs, professional tree removal companies cover a range of services beyond just cutting down the tree. During our process, the following are included:

  • Assessment - Our assessment includes looking for signs of disease, rot, and termite damage; how to make the tree fall properly, and if any power lines or structures are in the way
  • Consultation - Discussion of the health of the tree or trees and our removal plan
  • Falling - Physically cutting down the tree, which can require having to rope and cut specific branches to protect permanent structures
  • Removal - The wood from the tree can either be left for firewood or removed by Signature Tree and Home
  • Stump Grinding - If you’d like the stump removed as well, stump grinding can be included during the tree removal process

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If you need emergency tree removal in Tampa or stump removal and tree pruning services in the Tampa bay area such as Hillsborough County for example, contact Signature Tree and Home today!

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