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Stump grinding is the removal of the stump and roots of a tree. Many homeowners wish to have their tree stump ground at the same time as when the tree is being cut down. Stump grinding allows homeowners to re-lay sod or incorporate a new garden bed where the tree once was. With Signature Tree’s state-of-the-art stump grinder, we’re able to safely remove the stump and provide a clean slate for our Tampa property owners. 


Why should you grind your stumps?

1. Avoid pests and infections from decaying roots, stumps and wood. 

Many times, trees that were cut down prior to new home ownership are now diseased and pest-ridden stumps causing problems on other areas of the property. Properly grinding the stump will eradicate those pesky nuisances. We understand that some homeowners like to keep a stump for using as a flower pot stand or decoration, however, our expert opinion is that it be removed to make sure mold, fungi, insects and infection don’t create havoc on your property. 

2. Provides a clean and improved look to your property

3. Makes mowing lawn easier

4. No more tripping hazards


How long does it take for a stump to decompose naturally?

This depends on many factors like the tree species, how much light it gets, moisture levels, diameter and height of the stump, etc. Some stumps can take 10 years or more to rot away naturally.


Why should you hire a professional?

1. Expertise

There are many factors to consider when stump grinding, when you bring in a professional you do not have to worry about any of these. We have the knowledge, tools, skills, and experience to ensure that the stump is ground properly the first time, while minimizing damage to the surrounding parts of your property.

2. Safety

It is vital to take proper precautions when using a stump grinder. We have systems, protective gear, and knowledge to keep everyone safe.

3. Time and cost savings

Property owners who choose to remove the stump on their own will spend countless hours between researching, finding tools to rent, learning how to use those tools, figuring out what to do with the mulch, etc. In the end, many DIYers will give up after spending all this time and money and decide to hire a professional anyways.


How long does stump grinding take?

Stump grinding can usually be done in a day depending on the location of the stump, the width of it and its roots. We usually grind 4-6 inches below ground level assuring a proper job done. A grinder is only made to handle plant material, wood and dirt. Please note that it will not remove fencing, concrete or rock around the stump (including tree rings). 

It is important to note since we live in a hurricane area where many trees can be uprooted, that stump grinding should be not be done after a heavy rainfall since the soil will be waterlogged. It would create a larger mess in your yard given that our equipment is very heavy. We are available 24/7 in emergency situations to help homeowners with downed tree limbs or uprooted trees. We will just assess the full scope of the problem and schedule stump grinder at a different time, if necessary. 


What happens once the grinding is done?

1. Do something with the mulch and the hole:

Many people will opt to fill the hole with the mulch that is created from the stump grinding. Any leftover can be used around the property, or we can haul it away for you.

2. Don't replace the tree:

Signature Tree and Home does not recommend replacing a stump with a new tree. The surrounding area of dirt is its own micro ecological system and is essentially “programmed” for the tree and stump that was just removed. The dirt will technically deny the new tree roots entry and the new tree will fail.

3. The roots will decompose

Any remaining roots left in the ground will slowly decay and turn into soil. There are several types of trees that will try to grow sprouts off of random roots that spread underground from the tree that was just removed. These can usually be cut by mowing over or applying a stem killer. Their energy will eventually die and this is not something the stump grinder is responsible for.

4. Enjoy your yard!

Many people will cover the old area with sod for a seamless lawn, while others choose to put in a garden bed, or even use the newly reclaimed space for a patio or outdoor entertainment area.