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Palm Tree Removal

  Palm trees are a fixture of Tampa, a hallmark of our region. But while we all love them, there are times when a palm tree needs to go. But what goes into a palm tree removal? Signature Tree & Home is Florida’s number one tree and stump removal service company. We specialize in t...
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Stump Removal

  Ugly stumps can be an eyesore around your property. Worse, they can get in the way of kids playing, or hurt little feet running all over your property. Sometimes the best thing to do is take them out. It might be tempting to attempt stump removal yourself, but you really shouldn't. Stump ...
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Tree Trimming

Looking for a tree trimming professional to take care of your property quickly and safely? Look no further! Signature Tree & Home is your solution. We've provided affordable, safe tree trimming services for Tampa clients for years. We're proud of our integrity, safety, and commitment to our cust...
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Tree Removal

Need a tree removed? Turn to Tampa Florida’s number one tree and stump removal service company, Signature Tree & Home. With our years of experience and specialized equipment we’ve got your tree removal needs covered.  Tree removal is no small job. It requires professional assi...
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Tree Service

With 30+ years of experience, Signature Tree and Home is Tampa Florida's trusted tree service. We are available for all your tree trimming service needs.  We offer a variety of valuable tree services, including: - tree trimming - tree removal - tree maintenance.  EXPERT TREE SERV...
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