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"Had the owner Toby come to give estimate on the removal of two trees, both intertwined 1 very old oak tree and 1 palm tree over 40 feet tall, with some additional work done around the property, hired him on the spot. Extremely friendly, professional, respectful of our property! His crew extremely hardworking, the tree climber Chad unbelievable worker!! Cleanup was impeccable!! Definitely highly recommended!!"
- Jackalyn Sullivan

"Great company, had number of trees trimmed. Did excellent with the palm trees and big oak in our back yard. Would definitely recommend them for anyone needing to get trimming done."
- Ryan Brink

"I had numerous palm trees cleaned and trimmed. (They look so cute!) They had to do a LOT of trimming on a HUGE camphor tree between two houses and they trimmed an oak in the back. Professional, friendly and courteous, and extremely reasonable pricing. The yard hasn't looked this well in decades! Thanks to Toby and his crew, it was all completed in one day and they left the yard clean. They were careful of the property and performed the job safely. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs something done. They do more than just tree work."
- Shell K.

"First class service, highly recommend their tree trimming services for palms and oaks. Very good crew with fast workers."
- Andrew Bateman

"Great experience. Toby was very knowledgeable about trees and what action is best for the tree. Trimmed and oak, a palm, and removed a dead tree for me. Did a fantastic job, with very fast turnaround. Called on Monday, job done Wednesday. Very happy with the results."
- Robert Lathrop

"I was looking for some palm tree trimming/pruning and general growth cleanup. I contacted several companies, but Toby was the fastest to get back to me with an estimate. He was less expensive than two other companies I tried. Did a ton of work on the property and it looks waaaaay better. Very happy with the service."
- Anthony Ragnauth

"These guys are great! They did a great job and they even dealt with a difficult neighbor. They were directly challenged and remained professional. Would definitely recommend this company, doesn’t matter if it’s a granddaddy oak or a 35 ft palm. There is a reason these guys get 5 star reviews."
- Robert Malhoit

"Toby and his crew did a very professional job trimming four oak trees and removing some challenging limbs. They also trimmed bougainvillea and my palm. Afterwards they totally cleaned up and met all expectations and beyond. They were so polite and a pleasure to have working at my home. I highly recommend them."
- Linda Roberts

"I had multiple palms and oaks to be trimmed pronto (HOA pressure!), and another vendor cancelled at the last minute. Toby beat the other bid, showed up on time the next morning, and did an excellent job. Highly recommended!!"
- Craig Perrin

"Toby has done work at my home several times because I find him reliable, courteous, timely and does the job right. My palms trees look neat and clean as well as my yard upon completion. Highly recommended."
- Lynn Maggio

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Palm trees are a ubiquitous sight throughout Tampa, and they require regular maintenance to stay healthy and safe. Pruning your palms is an important part of palm tree care, and it can help prevent safety hazards and improve the overall appearance of your property. If your palm trees are looking overgrown or damaged, it may be time to trim them.

Tree trimming services can help ensure that your palm trees are properly maintained and cared for. This can include palm tree pruning, which involves selectively removing dead or dying fronds from the tree. Leaving dead fronds on the tree can attract pests and diseases, which can weaken the tree and cause it to die over time.

In addition to palm tree pruning, tree trimming services can also help with palm tree removal. If your palm tree has become too large or is causing safety hazards, it may be time to have it removed. This can involve safely cutting down the tree and removing the stump from your property.

It's important to note that removing too many fronds at once can also be detrimental to the health of your palm tree. Removing too many fronds weakens the tree and can make it more susceptible to pests and diseases. That's why it's important to work with a professional tree care company like Signature Tree & Home, who can help you determine the best course of action for your palm trees.

So how do you know when it's time to trim your palm trees? One sign is overgrown or damaged fronds. These fronds can become heavy and fall off unexpectedly, causing damage to property or even injuring people. Additionally, palm trees that are not properly maintained can become more susceptible to pests and diseases, which can ultimately lead to their demise.

Regular palm tree pruning and maintenance can also help improve the overall appearance of your property. Overgrown or damaged palm fronds can make your property look unkempt and neglected. By regularly trimming your palm trees, you can enhance the curb appeal of your property and make it look more attractive to potential buyers or renters.

If you're in need of palm tree pruning or removal services, be sure to work with a professional tree care company. Our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that your palm trees are properly cared for and maintained, while also taking into account the unique needs of each individual tree. When you contact Signature Tree & Home, our owner Toby will answer the phone and personally quote your project. The price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. The job gets done correctly and completely the first time. You can trust that your property is in good hands.

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How much does it cost to remove a palm tree?

When considering removing a palm tree from your Tampa property, there are a few factors:

Palm Tree Height – The taller the palm tree is, the more you’ll pay to have it trimmed. Palm trees that are 30 feet tall or shorter will cost less than those that are 60 feet or taller. Prices go up higher the taller the palm tree.

Condition of Palm Tree – Regularly-trimmed palm trees will be cheaper to remove than ones that aren’t.

Mileage – You’ll have to pay more if the tree trimming company has to travel from out of the area.

Emergency Work – Emergency palm tree removal services will certainly be more expensive.

In addition, a few other factors can add to the overall cost of your palm tree removal:

Stump Removal – Want the stump ground away? This will be an extra fee.

Rope Down the Palm Tree – Is the palm tree too close to another building? If so, it will need to be roped down in sections, which may add to the bill.

Haul Away Trunk – Having the trunk sections hauled away will be an additional fee.

It can be complicated and difficult to remove and haul away a palm tree. Cutting down or removing a palm tree can be dangerous, especially if you’re not aware of the risks (or even if you are!). As a result, let a professional contractor like Signature Tree & Home handle your palm tree removal. Our insured, bonded crew will handle the palm tree removal safely and efficiently, leaving you with peace of mind.