"Signature Tree and Home exceeded my expectations and then some! I called on a Monday, just after the holiday and Toby answered. He was very nice and within an hour he was at my home giving me an estimate. I needed quite a few trees removed and a few others trimmed. As we walked around the property Toby asked me very detailed questions about what I wanted to keep and what I wanted removed. He had some suggestions about certain things, but let me make the final decisions. He gave me a reasonable quote and I accepted right it on the spot. I was expecting the work to take a week or two, but it was DONE the next day! Toby and his crew showed up the next morning and went to work. Every one of his crew was very professional and really knew what they were doing. I have a very narrow backyard between my fence and pool screen, and they knew exactly where to cut a tree to make it fall into the narrow space between them. I was very impressed. When I got home from work the yard was completely done! All the trees were removed that I wanted and the giant oak tree was trimmed very well. The property was cleaned, and they even blew all the leaves off the roof of my house and my pool screen! I was very pleased with the service and will definitely use them again!"

Tom G.

"Toby and his team cut limbs and branches from several mature oaks that posed a hazard to our roof. It was a large job yet nothing was damaged. The cleanup was superb.

I asked Toby if he would cut the larger limbs into 21" pieces and stack them in our firewood holder. He did this at no extra charge. Toby and his crew are very friendly and professional. His estimate for the work was very reasonable considering the degree of difficulty and expertise necessary to complete without incident. This is an excellent company that I recommend highly and would hire them again without hesitation."

Frank H.

"Toby and his crew were recommended to my homeowner's association by another contractor after we told him that we'd had 5 or 10 different tree trimming services come out to do an estimate and none of them got back to us. It was so refreshing to have Toby respond quickly professionally and actually demonstrate a desire to have the business and keep the business in the future. I would not only give him 5 Stars 4 his willingness and ability to respond but also for his work which he did surprisingly quickly and with excellent results. Our homeowners association will definitely use Toby and his crew in the future and would highly recommend that you do too."


"Hello Toby, Thanks for a super job at my properties! I would like to add the following to your Testimonials: " I own some rental properties in the Tampa Bay area and I have been through quite a few tree services companies, and I must say no body, NOBODY beats Toby Jenkins, (Signature Tree and Home). I am very pleased and impressed with the work and professionalism of Toby Jenkins and his crew. I would most certainly use Signature Tree & Home services again and recommend it to anyone in need."


"Toby Jenkins, (Signature Tree and Home) professionally completed tree trimming and elevating the canopy on an Oak Tree in my yard. Prior to hiring Toby, I did my due diligence by getting several estimates. In the estimate meeting with Toby, heexplained, (with his laser-pointer on tree branches), a recommended scope of work, what and why branches would be removed, the balance impact on the tree, future growth of the tree, the fixed price for the scope and available schedule. Toby also came prepared with copies of his liability insurance and a website with numerous testimonials. Toby clearly demonstrated his knowledge and past successful experience. Toby & crew arrived on time and completed as estimated. Toby does the tree trimming himself. The tree shape & canopy look great and will not need another trimming for a few years, at which time I will then contact Toby."

Jerry Blattner

"I have to say I could not be more pleased with Toby and Signature Tree and Home. I had another cleanup, tree removal, pressure washing contractor set, he never showed (for a month), I called Toby, Toby showed up to my house 30 minutes later. We walked my house, he made great suggestions, and told me the work would be done before Friday (this was Monday). I came home Thursday after work and my yard and house were beyond clean. The tree trimming and removal opened up my entire back yard and dangerous limbs over my house were removed. I couldn’t even tell there was a crew there working. My house was pressure washed perfectly and there was not a leaf on my property. I have now put Toby’s card on my fridge. Any time I need work done again, I am grabbing that card. I can’t stop looking at my house, it looks that great."

David Kabasin

"I have used Toby Jenkins sine 2008. Over the past 7 years, Toby has always tended to our handy man needs. He has repaired walls, electrical, plumbing, power washed our 2 story home, cleaned our gutters and had even done yard work on occasion. He always answers his phone and arrives to the job prepared and ready to work. The quality of his work is good and is very reliable. His helper over the past 7 years has been the same gentleman who is also very courteous. Toby is dependable and does good-work. I would highly recommend him to do any scope of work."

Ben Fernandez

"Toby did an excellent job cleaning up my lot. It was a big job and Toby was kind and courteous. They finished in about three and a half hours. He and his team did a great job with the clean up and afterward my yard looked amazing. The price was a lot less than I expected and Toby still worked with me on a payment plan. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have any kind of work done."

Kelli Coffman

"Toby and his crew did a great job trimming all the trees in our yard. They got rid of all dead limbs and raised the canopies. The cleanup was excellent. I would recommend and will use them again."

Robert Weisman

"Toby Jenkins has done some handy works for us. We were very pleased with all of them. Thank you."

Nooshin M.

"Over the last several years we have received services from Signature Tree & Home (formerly Toby Jenkins Enterprises). Each and every time the crews have been very timely, professional, efficient, and have performed quality work. They have done everything from resilvering our carport roof to yard clean up, and just recently removed several nuisances trees. From my experience I would, and have recommended their services to friends and colleagues."

Jeff & Noretta C.

"I own several rental properties in the Tampa Bay area and Toby Jenkins' Signature Tree and Home has been servicing my tree trimming needs for over two years. His prices are very competitive, and more importantly, his company does an excellent job. I have highly recommended his company to my friends and family. "

Michael Caltagirone

"I was very satisfied with the work that Toby and his crew did at my home. He was always willing to do things above what was agreed to, the property was left cleaner than before the tree fell. I would highly recommend him to do any type of tree work."

Gene Church

"Thank you Mr. Jenkins for your courteous and efficient job performance.I hope to do business again in the near future."

Dave Savage

"Funny how things work, I was waiting for a tree man as our afternoon appointment came & went for the second time, I went to check the mail and saw Toby's truck at my neighbors, I walked across the street and asked Toby if he had time to look my place over and give me a price to have my trees trimmed and cleaned out, best thing I did was going across the street. Signature Tree and Home did a excellent job for a reasonable price, I strongly urge everyone to give them a shot."


"Toby and his crew have done several jobs for my wife and I in recent years. This includes a major oak tree removal, a palm tree removal, some major trimming of another oak tree, the resetting of a clothes line post and the laying of a concrete slab for my storage shed. Toby has always done fine work for us and at a fair price and I would recommend he and his company for yard and handyman services."

Ed Collier

"After using Signature Tree and Home service, we found them to be outstanding when compared with those we had previously used. They are professionals with a wide range of landscaping skills and we were very satisfied with their work. Their prices are very reasonable and we were pleased with their promptness in arriving and completing the work. We would highly recommend them not only for their professionalism and skills but also their concern for going the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction."

Veronica M.

"Toby is a master at his class. He showed up when nobody else would and then came back within an hour to do the job. He went above and beyond all expectations. I absolutely recommend using this company for all your tree needs. I would give him 50 stars if I could. "

Jay Sasarones

"Toby and his team were the best! They removed a tree on our property that a different company was unable to remove! Plus they were quick, thorough and Toby possessed a lot of knowledge on local trees. Couldn't have asked for more."

Pearl McPhee

"Signature Tree & Home is fantastic at what they do and I would highly recommend them if you need trees trimmed and removed. We hired them to remove all the large over hanging tree limbs from our neighbors trees around our pool and they also removed some small trees around our pool. Toby the owner is great to work with and his crew is courteous, very careful while trimming the trees and they clean all the tree parts and even the leaves around my pool. They keep you informed during the entire process and they let us know what we needed to do in advance to get the lift in the back yard. This company has the lift with the longest extension and were able to reach all the limbs we needed removed. We are very thankful for the great job they did. Now we don't have to worry about those limbs falling into our pool and screen during a hurricane and we also have more direct sun in our pool."

Barry Martin

"I used Toby Jenkins and his company for the first time today, and I was really pleased with the job they did. I had 5 tall palms to be trimmed and needed to clean up some red cypress trees and remove a cherry laurel that had grown too close to the driveway. My previous tree guy only lifted the canopy, but the trees hadn't been pruned in 20 years since I bought the place, and were growing into the power lines. Toby is very knowledgeable. He had come by to give me an estimate, and obviously knew a lot about my trees. The cherry laurel was an invasive tree that was hidden behind a cypress. He removed it, as it was going to cause damage to my fence. He has a great crew of highly professional guys. They worked for about 5 hours, picked up some debris that fell over the fence into my neighbors' yard without having to go into his yard, and did an amazing job of cleaning up. These guys know what they are doing and do it well. I really appreciate a great tree crew. Others I have used had trucks that leaked oil on my driveway or had guys that didn't show up. These guys are the real deal. I will use them again, and highly recommend them to anyone needing tree work done. These guys work hard and can handle a challenging job. I'm so glad to have found this company."

Nerisa Pilafian

"I live in Hampton Terrace and there are a LOT of big, neglected trees here. Some of my neighbor's oak trees were growing downward limbs over my yard and would regularly drop large dead branches during a storm. I called four different tree trimming services before getting to Signature. Some of the other guys told me it would take more than a week just to get the estimate. Toby at Signature came the SAME DAY to give me an estimate. He was friendly and professional. He gave me a very fair quote right then and there and I hired him on the spot. I appreciated that he had proof of liability insurance in his truck and I even called the company to verify that it was valid. Everything checked out, and Toby came back THE VERY NEXT DAY with a large crew and lots of equipment. They did a fantastic job and left the area even cleaner than it was before they started. Great people, great price, great service. I can't recommend them enough. Thanks Toby!"

Jonathan Henley

"I had some overgrown and diseased trees and 2 of then kept dropping branches with every storm. it became a safery hazard. Signature tree did what other tree companies couldnt do. Tobey and his crew came in and were able to reach and cut where other people couldnt get. they were able to get up very very high and trim and cut the trees down to a more manageable size. They cut away enough to where I dont need any more pruning for years, and I dont need to worry every time theres a storm. the only branches that might fall r on my neighbors side. If anybody is considering some tree work do not hesitate and contact Tobey. the quote is very fair considering the work they deliver. tree trimming is never cheap, pay the right guys their price and you wont have anything to fix. If any of my friends want to get tree work done i will tell them to call Signature tree first. Thanks for all hard work!"

C. Tsao

"Toby and his team were excellent to work with. They were professional, prompt and went above and beyond to removed part of a tree for us. I absolutely recommend them and will be using them again in the future!"

Jenna Sloan

"I was in a real bind as I was having a fence put in and they company called to move up the install date. I needed to have this monstrosity of trees and bushes removed within four days, so I called/emailed at least 12 tree removal companies. Most didn't answer or respond, and the others weren't available for two or three weeks. When I called signature Toby answered and agreed to come out the same day to give me a quote, and we met later that day. He gave me a price and explained how everything would work, and agreed to squeeze me in the next day (Saturday). The crew showed up the next day completed all of the work without disturbing me or my family outside of hearing saws and a grinder. Met Toby outside when the job was finished, was very happy with the work, response, and turn around time. They hauled everything away so it almost seemed like they were never here, will definitely do business with them again."

Marcus Session

"Toby and his crew did a great job. 5 STAR ALL THE WAY! My yard was over grown for years and they were fantastic. Made it look great in 1 very full day and the price was very reasonable for the large amount of work involved. Removed 1 tree, trim and prune 5 large trees including a(huge oak & Jacaranda tree). They ground multiple stumps from 2 black cypress trees in back and the 60 year old magnolia they removed that was dyeing off. They also removed a large leftover stump from a 50 year old Crepe myrtle tree I had cut down recently."

Plbent Plbent

"We have used Toby three times for our tree service needs and we couldn’t be happier. He always gets the job done beyond expectations and at an extremely fair price."

Velina Rogers

"Toby came out for an estimate on the same day. He had his crew come out on the next day. Very happy with the results. Thank you Toby and the crew!"

Tuan Ma

"Efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. Toby and team did an amazing job on my property. I reached out to Toby to discuss some work I wanted done on my property. He was able to walk me through his suggestions, while listening to my concerns. The crew arrived the next day, and all were knowledgeable and professional and completed the work efficiently. I will not hesitate to use Signature Tree and Home in the future!"

Jason Menendez

"They came, they saw, they conquered! Overall great service, quality equipment, and experience. I will 100% recommend to anyone looking for tree trimming and removal quality work—especially during hurricane season."

Gypsum Voyager

"Toby and his crew were amazing. I needed help with several trees that were overhanging from my neighbor’s yards as large branches were falling onto my property. Great work and great communication!"

Eliana Bello

"I had numerous palm trees cleaned and trimmed. (They look so cute!) They had to do a LOT of trimming on a HUGE camphor tree between two houses and they trimmed an oak in the back. Professional, friendly and courteous, and extremely reasonable pricing. The yard hasn't looked this well in decades! Thanks to Toby and his crew, it was all completed in one day and they left the yard clean. They were careful of the property and performed the job safely. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs something done. They do more than just tree work."

Shell K.

"Toby is a great and courteous professional that will take care of your needs to the tee! I had a couple giant oaks covering my home and property. Toby came over with his crew of great workers and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience! I will recommend him to everyone I know!"

Doug Makati

"Toby and his team did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to everyone in need of tree services. I had a dead tree in the yard that we wanted removed and we also wanted help with trimming/pruning other trees. Toby came in to take a look around and gave us a quick estimate and also made recommendations about other trees that would require attention. The next afternoon when we returned home the work had already been done and everything was left clean! Everything was done faster and better than we had imagined, particularly after getting quotes from other companies and anticipating a several day job. They did an amazing job and I highly recommend them to everybody."

Paula Hernandez

"Had the owner Toby come to give estimate on the removal of two trees, both intertwined 1 very old oak tree and 1 palm tree over 40 feet tall, with some additional work done around the property, hired him on the spot. Extremely friendly, professional, respectful of our property! His crew extremely hardworking, the tree climber “Chad” unbelievable worker!! Cleanup was impeccable!! Definitely highly recommended!!"

Jackalyn Sullivan

"Excellent work by this company. The owner was great. Reasonably prices services. We had a giant, dying water oak removed and another oak trimmed. My husband thought he'd have to come home and clean up but the guys took care of everything. I would both recommend and use them again."

Kelly Scott

"All the positive reviews were right! Toby and his crew did an excellent job! Took 9 hours for a 4-man crew to remove 1 big tree and heavily prune 5 oaks - nonstop work except for a lunch break. Unlike with prior different tree trimming services, I did not have to haggle over ever twig. They would check with me after each pruned tree if it was to my satisfaction. All super nice and polite. I will never use anyone else again. It’s so refreshing to deal with company that takes a pride in what they do."

K T (Brouczech)

"Toby of Signature Tree & Home was an absolute pleasure to work with. I utilized them for two commercial apartment jobs. Not only did they exceed my expectations with the work provided, but they delivered on time and on budget. Toby also went above and beyond to communicate clearly and directly with me, providing picture/video updates and daily progress reports. I look forward to doing much more business with Toby and his team."

John Kennedy

"We used Toby for an oak removal on our property and we highly recommend his service! Customer service was top notch and the job was reasonably priced. The tree was extremely large and right next to our home; he took care to ensure there wasn't damage and cleaned up everything before leaving. "

Heather Rogers

"Toby and his crew did an excellent job on our two large oaks with limbs over our roof. They completed the job on-time and with no damage! The crew did what we asked even going so far as to discuss which limbs should stay and which should go. The trees look amazing and our roof looks safe! Toby explained everything easily and accommodated our schedules. Finally, the clean up looks the way it did before minus some tree limbs! I would use his service again. I highly recommend Toby and his crew for your tree and home needs."

Daniel Westgate

"We loved the job Toby & his crew did! Our yard was cleaner then before they trimmed 2 Oak trees & cut down a huge tree! The price quoted was reasonable, & the end product was better than what was promised! Toby even took in our trash can & retrieved one of our dogs that escaped! All done in 1 day! Highly recommend Signature Tree Trimming. Honorable & Trustworthy!"


"Toby gave us his expertise information about our trees. He explained what he was going to do and followed thru. Highly recommend."

Nancy Ritch

"They were diligent, careful, thorough and kind; even chased a loose chicken back to the yard. THEY WORKED AROUND THE COOP NOT 4 FEET AWAY! Did a HARD job ALL day and were still so pleasant. I admired their stick-to-it·ive·ness. Highly recommend."

C. Murphy

"Needed an emergency tree trimming on a Saturday and Toby at Signature Tree Trimming immediately answered the phone and had his crew out within the hour. The service was fast and they did a professional job, and Toby kept in constant communication to ensure the job was done to satisfaction. Grateful for this crew, and will definitely call them again for future service. Highly recommend!"

Darcy Goshorn

"We hired Signature tree this past week to do a fairly large job. The owner Toby and his crew came out and did a fantastic job trimming and cutting down old trees and cleaning up our whole property. It’s very evident that Toby and all of his workers take a lot of pride in their work. We have gotten a lot of compliments from neighbors and they exceeded my expectations big time. I highly recommend their services."

Karyn Smilanich

"I call signature tree service for an estimate on some limbs that were over my pool. Toby came out gave me the price, which was very fair and reasonable we agreed on it, he was very professional and polite. His crew and Toby came out a few days later and just did an amazing job. All his crew were very pleasant and polite as well. l couldn’t have got a better job,I think he even did a little extra on the clean up, not even stick left on the just amazing. Definitely use this company top notch."

Lynn Welch

"Toby and the crew did a thorough job of trimming the trees around my home. I have a few problem areas with power lines, but they handled it with ease. From start to clean up the crew was great. I am very pleased with the quality of work and would recommend."

Bradley Melton

"I can’t sing enough high praises for Toby and his crew at Signature Tree Trimming. I called 5 different tree trimming services with one as a no-show. I was frustrated to say the least. I finally called Signature Tree Trimming, and Toby came within minutes (he was about a mile away from me in the Seminole Heights area) and gave me an estimate. The estimate was fair and reasonable for a fallen tree in my yard after a storm/microburst happened over the weekend. Toby and his crew came the VERY NEXT day and started to work. It took them about 2 hours to clear out the tree. His crew was efficient and also cleaned up fallen branches in my backyard. I will be using Signature Tree Trimming again for other landscape needs! I highly recommend Toby and his crew!!! If you need a review to help you make a decision, use this one!! Call or text him!"

Sherry Hughes

"We were satisfied beyond our expectations with the excellent work provided by Toby Jenkins and Crew! The Services for promised tree removal, trimming, and yard cleanup were a 5 Star Rating. Toby is very personable and professional. It was a pleasure doing business with him. They exceeded our expectations! Highly recommended by us. Thank you Toby and Team."

Allen Russell

"Toby did a great job trimming my overgrown tree. He recommended what needed to be done and was so professional and knowledgeable. He really takes an interest in your project and gives great suggestions. I also had him do a power wash on my patio and the results were fantastic. I will definitely be using Signature for future projects."


"Toby and his crew removed 2 oak trees in my front yard and trimmed several branches above my roof and my swimming pool. They came on time. They worked hard and very skillful. They did a great job cleaning up. My husband and I are very pleased with the work they did. I highly recommend Toby to you all."

Hoa Piper

"Toby and his crew did a fantastic job, and for a great price. They were very timely and efficient. I would recommend to anyone in need tree trimming or tree removal service."

Jayson Cruz

"Toby and his crew did an amazing job on my front yard oak tree removal and clean up. He was easy to work with and did exactly what he said he would! This man has integrity. Thank you Toby, and I will definitely use your company again if needed! Highly recommended!"

Yolanda Garcia

"If you are looking for a hard working professional, that is dedicated in achieving your full satisfaction, then look no further. Toby and his crew did a great job trimming two oak trees, removed two others, and pushed back the overgrown conservation area behind my house. I highly recommend Toby and his crew to anyone who needs tree trimming or removal. If I could give him a 6 star rating, I would!"

Marcelo Garcia

"Phenomenal is the only word I can say and that doesn't give Toby and the crew at Signature Tree service justice! Toby is far and above the most knowledgeable of any tree service man in his field of work. He is knowledgeable and took the time to explain every detail regarding the trees in my yard. He and his team take their work seriously and with passion to make your home look spectacular. If you want to make your neighbors jealous of how gorgeous your yard will look hire Signature. My yard looks like an oasis and backed up traffic in our community due to my neighbors rubber-necking with mouths agape at his work. He's an artist and his work is incomparable! Hire this company if you want service that's above and beyond!"

Gerald Jackson

"Toby was fast at coming over and giving us an estimate and gave us a great price. We called him on a Monday and his crew was here the next day. I would say they had everything done within two hours which was great!! They cleaned the yard up very good. I just can’t get over how quick this was done and how great it all looks! Thanks so much."

Mason Bennett

"Toby came out and gave me an estimate to prune our oak tree in the front yard, remove a robalini palm, remove some hedges and prune some very out of control trees in our back yard. He and his crew came back two days later to do the work, and did an amazing job!! They were very good at what they do, and Toby made sure the job was done to rhe highest of standards!"

Michelle Proulx

"Signature Tree & Home is wonderful. They removed a very large diseased oak from our yard. It was a difficult job with limited space to drop the branches. They did a great job hauling off the tree and cleaning up the yard. I certainly recommend them!"

Richard Sires

"Toby did an excellent job removing a tree that was close to our home, as well as two stumps. He quoted us a fair price and took care of our yard promptly. Toby and his crew completely cleaned up the area after the job was done and really made our front yard look great! My wife and I couldn't be happier with the service provided."

Kris Jackson

"Great experience. Toby was very knowledgeable about trees and what action is best for the tree. Trimmed and oak, a palm, and removed a dead tree for me. Did a fantastic job, with very fast turnaround. Called on Monday, job done Wednesday. Very happy with the results."

Robert Lathrop

"I rarely write reviews, but every now and then as a customer we all have experiences we must comment on, and my interaction with Signature Tree Trimming requires it. I've used several tree trimming companies in the past 10 years, but Toby and his team stand head and shoulders above the others. Toby was very responsive, quickly returned phone calls; provided an up-front, fair and reasonable estimate for services, and then him and his team went to work. Great job, superb clean-up. What more can I say other than I'll be calling on Signature Tree Trimming again! Highly recommend you do the same."


"We used Signature tree (Toby) and home for trimming a large tree and cutting a rotten tree in our backyard with a reasonable and fair price. His team did an amazing job and the clean up after the job was completed was great as well. I would highly recommend Toby and his team. For sure I will use them again if I need them."

Anil Patel

"Prior to the service being done, Toby was as responsive as the come, and stopped by the house to assess the trees mere hours after I first called him. He was thorough and professional in his assessment and explanations. The next day, the team came out and got right to business. They cleaned up well and I was very satisfied with their service! I will certainly reach out again for any future needs that come up."

Chad Van Soest

"Toby and his company had fantastic response time to a huge branch that fell on my house. I called them early in the morning and they were out by 9am for an estimate. During their work, they were incredibly thorough, careful, and precise to ensure no additional damage occurred to my house or effected the power lines that hung closely by. They even went as far as cleaning up small twigs, raking up leaves, and putting my yard back to the way it was once the job was completed. I would hire Signature Tree & Home again and would highly recommend them to anyone who needed tree trimming and/or removal! If I could give them 6 stars, I would!"

Craig Hilgenberg

"Toby and his crew are great. I had a dead pecan that needed to come down and they really did a fantastic job. From start to finish courteous and on time. I had to leave the home for a bit to handle business but when I returned the site was cleaned to perfect, and of course the tree was gone. Job well done and I would have them out again in a heart beat!"

Brian Becker

"Toby came right out and gave a fair price for the work we needed. He then came out the next day right on time. He and his crew did everything I asked and made my trees look great. Then they thoroughly cleaned up. It was as if they were never there. Highly recommend!"

Mike Maggio

"Needed those 3 oak trees done quickly. Fair price, quick turnaround, good clean up. Would use again."

Anthony Pierro

"I called Signature after ready the reviews and saw that he worked on Saturday which is big because I don’t have much availability during the week. I expected to set an estimate up for the weekend even though I wanted to get the ball rolling and have it done over the weekend. He said he could come out this evening which was Thursday. We spent a fair amount of time looking up and I expressed to him what I wanted. I got from him that he was there for me. It started to get dark, so he decided to come back the next day with his climber to reevaluate. He had a quote to me that afternoon and I had him start work the next morning. The crew worked two solid 10 hour days to get all the work done and then Toby came back Monday to finish putting my fence back up. Toby said that they would clean, but I was amazed that my roof was cleaned off, the leaves that I actually needed to rake were gone and not a branch or cutting was left on my property. Thanks again Toby and I will be referring you."

Peter Bates

"I used Toby and his crew to do several jobs for me. They did a great job on pressure washing my entire home. They did the most awesome job on trimming my oak trees, removing dead bamboo, and yard cleanup. Then they hauled off some old trash from my garage for me. Wonderful crew. Great Job! I would recommend them to anyone."

Claire Skeen

"Toby did an OUTSTANDING job removing diseased, hallowed trees from our property. I’m a repeat customer because he never disappoints. He is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Did exactly what he promised within the time frame we agreed upon. Great job at a fair price!"

Janice Larios

"Signature Tree Trimming did a wonderful job. They were very professional and nice. Toby and his crew cleaned up everything when they were finished trimming my Oak tree,. It looks great. I would recommend them to anyone."

Pam Kober

"Toby and his crew completed a large tree trimming job for me. They did an outstanding job cutting all of the dead branches and cutting trees back away from my roof. They cleaned up after they were finished and that meant a lot to me. I am very pleased with their work and will continue using them."

Evelyn Wilson

"Toby came out the same day for an estimate when we called about having multiple dead/sick trees removed. He handled all the county permitting and had a crew out the second it was approved. His team went above and beyond and not only removed the bad trees and ground down the stumps, but trimming other branches and cleaning up the yard. Huge job that was done in 2.5 days. Five stars."

Elizabeth Behrman

"This is the second time I have used Signature Tree and Home, with owner Toby, and I am very pleased with the work. There was one huge tree that required an enormous ladder, and the work was done very well and cleaned up. Then, there was a stand of messy, overgrown Cherry Laurels with masses of vines that the crew cleared out and cleaned up. It looks 1000 percent better. They cleaned up after themselves, worked fast and did even better than I hoped. I think the price was fair. I would recommend them. It was a two man crew on the ground and the owner up the ladder with the belt brace, good thing because that was high up!"

Jess Thomas

"Toby and crew did an amazing job. Very quick, professional, fair price. The job involved to trim branches from trees too close to the roof and the house, clean roof and gutters from pine needles, clean leaves and branches and even remove a tree that was growing roots under the house. All within one day, everything picked up and cleaned up. Very professional !"


"Toby and his crew did an amazing job trimming the trees in my backyard and removing two very large trees that were too close to my house. I will be using them again for sure! Awesome service for an affordable price."

Yadenis Ruiz



"I was looking for some palm tree trimming/pruning and general growth cleanup. I contacted several companies, but Toby was the fastest to get back to me with an estimate. He was less expensive than two other companies I tried. Did a ton of work on the property and it looks waaaaay better. Very happy with the service."

Anthony Ragnauth

"We had a large oak tree branch fall on our roof, and Toby and his team were on time, efficient, and attentive during the entire process of the removal. Would highly recommend them for anyone needing any sort of tree service in the Tampa Bay area. Super professional."

Shawn Ferris

"Toby and his team did an exceptional job in trimming our 7 palms. He is professional, fair priced and responds promptly. I highly recommend this service. We will never use anyone else!"

Sharon Smith

"My husband and I called everywhere and Toby gave us an upfront price. We called a few other companies and they were way more expensive. Toby and the other guys did an excellent job and they cleaned everything up right after. The tree is perfect and was exactly what we wanted. Thank you."

Mitza Brunson

"Toby and his crew did an amazing job cleaning up my yard and cutting down a tree. We had about 2+ years of overgrowth, and our yard looks so clean and open! I would highly recommend Signature Tree and Home."

Jessica Lacey

"We saw Toby and his crew trimming a neighbor's trees. We asked about his services the work was started the same day. Toby & his crew were very safe with their trimming and respectful of our yard. Great Job! Wonderful job with hauling away the trimmings."

Christine Jowdy

"Toby has done work at my home several times because I find him reliable, courteous, timely and does the job right. My palms trees look neat and clean as well as my yard upon completion. Highly recommended."

lynn maggio

"Had a dying oak tree and Toby came out and gave an estimate the same day. I contacted a couple other companies but didn’t get a reply for a couple days. He was in continued contact with me throughout the entire process. He also made sure to work around my schedule. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants quality tree work."

Emmanuel Corujo

"Toby and his team did an outstanding job. Great communication from start to finish. They picked up after they were done. I would definitely recommend Signature tree trimming. You will be in great hands. A++"

Ryan Beazley

"Toby and his crew did a very professional job trimming four oak trees and removing some challenging limbs. They also trimmed bougainvillea and my palm. Afterwards they totally cleaned up and met all expectations and beyond. They were so polite and a pleasure to have working at my home. I highly recommend them."

Linda Roberts

"Toby provided a great service for a great price. He and his crew took down several nuisance trees and trimmed several other trees for me. He went above and beyond to make sure my entire yard was cleaned of debris."

Mary Falatek

"My kitty, Kookie, was stuck up high in the neighbor’s tree for hours and I called so many Tree Service companies, even pet centers for help and no one would try. Toby was extremely loving and could connect to my pain and emergency. There was no guarantee he could help, but he did try everything he could to take time out of his work day to rescue my cat. TRUE ANIMAL LOVER. If you ever need any help getting your curious little animal out of a tree, do not hesitate to contact Toby, he will be there for you."

Lily Cruz

"Toby and his team are great! They’ve completed two separate jobs for us and did great work both times."


"Jake Z"


"I would highly recommend Signature Tree & Home Service for any tree trimming or removal(s) you need. They did an outstanding job on trimming and removing trees from my property in Tampa. It was a big job, they completed the job in 48 hours. The team was very professional, competent and thorough. The company is licensed and insured, which is a must for me. AND I was extremely pleased that they cleaned up behind themselves and did not leave me with any messes to take care of!!"

Cathye Cooper

"The team was so great! They really went out of their way to make sure we were pleased with the work (even did a few of the “weed trees” that were just nuisances!) We even had a tree that we were concerned may have an owl in the tree.. the investigated, and gently took the tree down so the bird could find a new home!"

Marris Stebbins

"I highly recommend Toby and his hard working crew. I struggled to find a person who could remove old chainlink and wooden fences, six tree stumps and demo my backyard concrete patio. I now have a brand new fence and gates installed by his team. I will use Toby to replace my back patio deck next."

David Alvarado

"They did a great job removing almost a dozen trees from my property. They responded on the first call and came out the same day to assess the job and give me a quote. They came back the very next day to complete the job. Very professional and high recommendations from me."

Thy Lam

"I had a tree fall and hit my house. Toby picked up on the first call and came right over to inspect. He cleared the branches off the A/C that day so it could be repaired. The very next day he removed the entire tree. Very professional and great response."

Brian Pinter

"Toby came out to do an estimate to take out a dead oak tree that was a danger to my kids and home. Within an hour his crew where here and removing the tree. I was beyond impressed with there work!"

Crystal Bisson

"Toby is friendly, polite, and reliable! I have used them several times now and they never disappoint. And never leave a mess. Strongly recommended!"

Mike Brown

"Toby and his crew installed my privacy fences. Very satisfied with their work. Plus, it was a lot more affordable going through them than with various pro fence installers whose prices were too steep for my budget."

C Gols

"Toby did what we agreed upon and more. He was fair and honest which is a rare find these days. He showed up with the proper equipment and manpower for the job. No fuss, no mess, no damage, everything went well. I will recommend him to my neighbors. I'm not Shaun, I used my son's old account."

Steven Sloan

"Toby and his crew did a great job trimming all my trees in the front and backyard. My wife loved what they did as did my next door neighbor. At the end the whole crew also did a great job cleaning up."

John Daigle

"I had multiple palms and oaks to be trimmed pronto (HOA pressure!), and another vendor cancelled at the last minute. Toby beat the other bid, showed up on time the next morning, and did an excellent job. Highly recommended!!"

Craig Perrin

"Great company, had number of trees trimmed. Did excellent with the palm trees and big oak in our back yard. Would definitely recommend them for anyone needing to get trimming done."

Ryan Brink

"I called them just before the storm (Irma). They came right away and cleared many overhanging oak limbs to protect my house. They also did some cleanup around my property. A fair price, great service and very friendly people. I recommend them highly!"

Glenn Nunn

"These guys are great! They did a great job and they even dealt with a difficult neighbor. They were directly challenged and remained professional. Would definitely recommend this company, doesn’t matter if it’s a granddaddy oak or a 35 ft palm. There is a reason these guys get 5 star reviews."

Robert Malhoit

"Toby and his crew did an awesome job removing our 3 trees and cleaning up. We would definitely highly recommend and use his services again."

Loretta Lovering

"The Signature Tree Trimming folks did an amazing job in removing one of the largest trees on my lot. Not only that but they came back and ensured the stump was removed as well. The tree was almost 2 stories tall and spanned 3 separate lots. I would recommend Signature for any future Tree / Stump jobs. Fun fact, they came out and did the work on a Sunday which shows their dedication to their craft."

Francis Fiskey

"I had Toby and his crew get out a very difficult and dead 24" tree from my back yard. We had access issues but we worked through it. He always showed up on time and his crew was good. All debris was gone and a clean job site was left. Highly recommended."

David Holley

"Highly recommend. They removed a large water oak that had become unsightly and hazardous. Responded immediately and completed the job fast."

Robin Fitzer

"Signature Tree did a *Fabulous Job* crew did All trimmings and kept my place clean. I highly recommend them. No job is too big for them!"

Alice Matos- Vega

"Toby did excellent work, at a fair price, efficiently and was extremely professional! He did exactly what he said he would do. He has earned all of my future business!"


"Great crew , friendly and professional. Exceeded expectations. Cleared a large live oak of substantial dead limbs, removed 4 cherry laurels, and cleared all debris. Price quoted on a Friday, work completed the next day."

Eric Fitzer

"They had the job done before anyone else had even given me an estimate. Reasonable price and cleaned up everything. They turned around and came back to knock out additional tasks I decided on, without delay."


"Efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. Toby and team did an amazing job on my property. I reached out to Toby to discuss some work I wanted done on my property. He was able to walk me through his suggestions, while listening to my concerns. The crew arrived the next day, and all were knowledgeable and professional and completed the work efficiently. I will not hesitate to use Signature Tree and Home in the future!"

Sammy gold

"Went above and beyond coming out to different days to make sure I was happy cutting Bougainvillea that has grown for 18 years over 25 feet tall! And took 2 crews working and his company come out cutting back and shaping to make it look like a brand new place I couldn’t ask for a better job."

Patricia Newland

"Toby and his team serviced my townhome neighborhood beautifully. Quoted, delivered and showed up as promised. Very responsive and honest."

Karen Popp

"No need to look any further for tree trimming .Great customer service !!!!. Very fair on prices, arrived on time. Trimmed the trees and more. Cleaned up the mess. Very respectful and polite. The whole crew was awesome. Thanks Toby"

Ana Rumore

"Came out for a quote in the morning and came back with a big crew an hour later. Very professional and did a great job. Did more work and came down on the quote all at the same time. I would recommend to anyone!"

Zach Jacobson

"Toby did a wonderful job trimming my trees and hedges before a house tenting job. I plan on using him again for handyman and tree services in the future!"


"Toby did an excellent job trimming our trees and cleaning up the debris. I strongly recommend using his service."

Carol Ippolito

"Phenomenal tree service. This company is full of great people that complete the work efficiently and quickly. They can do it all! Super respectful and fully communicative."

Dee Cawley

"Same day quote and next day service! Good luck finding a better or more efficient company. We’ve used them multiple times now with great experiences each time. Look no further!"

Kara Mitchell

"Toby and his crew did an excellent job doing various tree removal & clearing at our new home."

Tina McGlynn

"Highly recommend this company to clean up your yard. Excellent service from the whole team. Great attention to detail and done in a timely manner."

Nathan Randall

"Toby and his employees are very nice people and they do a great job! I would hire them again."

Frank Green

"Toby and his crew were wonderful! Fairly priced, outstanding work."

Crystal Miller

"Tree trimming was quick and precise! Got a huge job done next day and the cleanup was very impressive, couldn’t even tell they were there."

Rose Dorian

"Toby came quote and worked done the following day and cleaned up after they were finished good job I will use them again"

Richard Pontbriand

"First class service, highly recommend their tree trimming services for palms and oaks. Very good crew with fast workers."

Andrew Bateman

"Toby and his crew are amazing. The epitome of proficiency and professionalism"

Eric Wall (ArchAngel Farms)

"Signature Tree did a great job! Highly recommended. They went above and beyond my expectations"

Edward Lang

"Today and his crew did a great job. They arrived and finished ahead of schedule and did a great job."

John Montesano

"He came out and gave me a quote, on time and very nice will do business with them ."

JJ Holdings

"Fantastic job and extremely reasonable. We had 3 trees cut down and the work was great."

Cynthia Lefczuk

"Toby and his men did a great job at a great price."


"I am so happy with this company ,they did excellent job , so far and so good i recommend all person to need TREE service"

Osmel Rodriguez

"Outstanding attention to detail, highly experienced crew, keen desire to satisfy the customer. Excellent value!"

Alexander Eastlick

"Very fair price and professional service. Next day service would highly recommend"

Roman Hibsch

"Great job. 100% Satisfied."

Grady Philon

"Thank you Toby, reliable, honest professional service"

Yanet De Jesus

"Very Professional! I would refer this company for service."

Anthony Rogers

"Very satisfied with the service i received."

Joseph Bairan

"Great job. Would recommend"

Jasmin Princess

"Did a super job."

Franklin Congleton

"Super knowledgeable"

Barrington Williamson

"Kaitlyn Gardiner"

Great work