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Stump Removal


Ugly stumps can be an eyesore around your property. Worse, they can get in the way of kids playing, or hurt little feet running all over your property. Sometimes the best thing to do is take them out.

It might be tempting to attempt stump removal yourself, but you really shouldn't. Stump removal requires special equipment, as well as a small crew. At Signature Tree & Home, we'll take care of all the stump removal work for you. No need to risk throwing your back out when we're on the scene!

Stump removal involves heavy machinery equipped with a cutter wheel. This wheel grinds the stump and its roots into mulch. It's a heavy, complex, specialized machine that can be dangerous if not used correctly.  Fortunately, our team can perform stump removal safely, quickly and affordably. Plus, our insured, bonded crew can put your mind at ease.

Once we've removed the stump, we'll clean the area where the stump used to be. No more worries about it getting in the way of the kids or lawn mower! You'll be able to use the area for other purposes -- grass, flowers, a shed, or gazebo. Use your imagination!

Signature Tree & Home has performed stump removal for clients throughout Tampa. Tired of that old eyesore? Looking to replace it with something new? Turn to Florida’s number one stump removal service company, Signature Tree and Home. We'll remove the stump and make sure your yard looks beautiful.

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